Media History

Media History


Fred Ross, Sr. during his early years as an organizer Tony Rios at the First CSO National Convention Photo of Camp Arvin – one of the camps Fred Ross, Sr. was in charge or running relief programs for            1954 Fresno CSO Executive Board Fred Ross, Sr. with his sons Fred Jr. and Rob during his Birthday in 1985 Fred Ross, Sr. picketing with Cesar Chavez Fred Ross, Sr. at a mass held during Cesar Chavez's April 1968 fast Photo of Fred Ross, Sr. Fred Ross, Sr. with his daughter Julia during his birthday in 1985  Fred Ross, Sr. with Cesar Chavez Photo of Organizer Fred Ross, Sr.  Photograph of Fred Ross, Sr. with Ed Roybal, Saul Alinsky, and various CSO Leaders   1948 CSO Voter Registration Drive with Deputy Registrar Matt Arguijo     1957 Imperial County CSO with Cesar Chavez


1992 Memorial Honoring the Life of Fred Ross, Sr.


Jessica Govea’s Speech at Fred Ross, Sr.’s Memorial


Activist and UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta discusses Fred Ross, Sr.’s impact on the world of activism and organizing.

Former UFW Leader Mack Lyons Discusses Fred Ross, Sr.’s Life and Work