Fred Ross, Sr. taught and inspired many to fight for civil rights and social justice. The list below contains only a handful of the organizers carrying on Ross’s work.

Click an organizer’s name to see his/her letter of support for Fred Ross, Sr.

John Adler
Greg Akili
Jim Araby
Mari Barrera
Denise Bergez
Elmy Bermejo
Bryon Blum
Pat Blumenthal
Robert Brock
George Broder
John Brown
Margaret Brown
Mary Ann Buckley
Chava Bustamante
Mario Bustamante
Erin Callahan
Bill Camp
Chris Campbell
Bill Carder
Mike Casey
Bill Chandler
LeRoy Chatfield
Anthony Chavez
Freddy Chavez
Sherri Chiesa
Mike Clements
Amanda Clifford
Donald Cohen
Ellie Cohen
Jerry Cohen
Richard Cook
Ernie Cortez
Guy Costello
Jerry & Cathy Cox
Tom Dalzell
Loke Devone
Tho Do
Marc Dohan
Mike Egan
Jean Eilers
Nancy Elliot
Bernard Enriquez
Alberto Escalante
Rob Everts
Chris Fadeff
Margo Feinberg
Rebecca Flores
Larry Frank
Ken Fujimoto
Herman Gallegos
Michael Ganley
Christian Garcia
Margie Garcia
Mike Gecan
Eric Gil
Katie Gjertson
Charley Goetchius
Alexis Gonzales
Bill Granfield
Victor Griego
Mike Grimm
Marc Grossman
Gary Guthman
Melanie Hallahan
Louise Harris
John Heffernan
Nina Helstein
Anne Hirose
Ken Hlavac
Josh Hoyt
Mary Hughes
Jerry Hurtubise
Eric Jaye
Bob Johnson
Sharon Johnson
Paul Johnston
Maurice Jordane
Giev Kashkooli
Bergen Kenny
Rick Kleine
Daraka Larimore-Hall
Sr. Mary Beth Larkin
Gretchen Laue
Carlos Legeretti
Barbara Lewis
Dave Lowe
Audra Makuch
Lisa Maldonado
Craig Marrilees
Lauren Martens
Mary Ann Massenburg
Diane Matsuda
Mike Miller
Rhian Miller
Paul Milne
Shelly Moskowitz
Dennak Murpy
Melquis Naveo
George Nee
Jadine Nielsen
Kevin O’Conner
Peter Olney
Jesús David Orozco
Gilbert & Esther Padilla
Christine Pelosi
Kurt Petersen
John Proctor
Art Pulaski
Eileen Purcell
Robert Purcell
Theresa Purcell
Lolis Ramirez
Adam Reich
Howard Rifkin
Kelly Rivas
Stephan Roberson
Arturo Rodriguez
Fred Ross
Susan Sachen
Frank Sanchez
Juan Carlos Sanchez
Paul Schrade
Ken Seaton-Msemaji
Randy Shaw
Ruth Shy
Steve Sidawi
Gary Smtth
Tom Snyder
Marion Steeg
Hunter Stern
Henry Tamaron
Peter Tappeiner
D. Taylor
Rick Thompson
Kirsten Thomsen
Kenny Thorbourne
Larry Tramutola
Consuelo Valdez
Andrea Van den Heever
Melissa Vargas
Jay Wallace
Angie Wei
Rita Weisshaar
Sarah Welch
Griff Williams
Pat Williams
Kim Zamarin


We are grateful to all who have participated in this effort. If you do not find your name on this list, please email us. Also, thanks to all of you for writing to President Obama. If you do not find your letter on our site, please resend it to us.